Monthly Archives - November 2020

Christmas Lunches

Christmas Lunches will be taking place on 15th December at Kirkby Fleetham and 17th December at East Cowton. Roast Turkey with all the trimmings followed by a Christmas Tree cupcake - delicious!!

Coming soon….

Our next exciting enrichment day will be ‘Drumba’ On 4th December for East Cowton, and 11th for Kirkby Fleetham. Take a look at their website to see what we will be up to: Drumba Website This will support the body percussion work we have been doing in class as well as helping to keep us fit - We cant wait!

Anti-bullying week and odd sock day

We recently participated in anti-bullying week and started the week off wearing odd socks to celebrate diversity and difference. We thought about what the world would be like if we were all the same and decided that would be very boring! We also talked about what bullying is and how we all need to take responsibility for looking after each other and making sure bullying does not happen at our schools.

Skip to be Fit!

Skip2bfit visited both our schools recently and everyone had a fantastic time being put through their paces! The children and staff all thoroughly enjoy his visits, and everyone demonstrated real resilience as they learned new skills and surprised themselves with what they were able to do. They were also completely exhausted when he left!

Bonfire Lunch

It was a shame for the children that they were not able to celebrate bonfire night in the same way as they usually do, but our cooks served them up a bonfire lunch with delicious burgers, wedges , salad and bonfire buns – what a treat!