Our Inclusive Schools

Our aim is to realise the potential of all our children by addressing their individual needs. We strive to ensure children at our schools are not being discriminated against because of physical disability, national origin, language, religion or gender.

The needs of highly able pupils are identified and they are encouraged to develop their skills through the challenging, yet supportive curriculum. Joint activities with other schools are utilised to provide different and extended learning opportunities wherever possible.

Children with special educational needs (those that require different and additional educational provision) are very well supported by our school and we involve parents as essential partners in their education. Quality First teaching with differentiated planning, a range of teaching methods and class organisation are used to ensure our school is inclusive to all.

Our school provides an Individual Provision Map (IPM) for all children with a special educational need and reviews them termly to evaluate progress towards, and achievement of, specific targets. Children may also be supported by small group intervention programs led by our experienced inclusion team.

Amy Crisp is our SENCO and all our staff work closely together to support our children. Where necessary, external agencies also support the school, our pupils and their parents.

Our school Special Educational Needs policy is available on our website and from the school. Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you have any queries, issues or concerns.

SEND School Information Report 2023

SEND Policy 2023

East Cowton Access Plan 2021-2024

Kirkby Fleetham Access Plan 2021-2024

DfE SEN Code of Practice

NYCC SEND local offer