Transition to Secondary School

Children from our schools go on to Secondary Education  in a variety of places including Richmond, Bedale, Northallerton and Ripon. We work hard to establish links with all our secondary schools, including All Saints CE Academy, which is part of our Trust. We are currently working hard to establish a programme of learning experiences that engage the expertise of teaching staff our partnership schools.




Year 8 children from All Saints visited our school to work on an exciting art and music project as part of our Mentally Healthy School Strategy.





At our schools we work hard to prepare our children for Secondary school and use our size as a strength, to help children build up tolerance, resilience and a sense of self. We encourage our children to view primary school as a place to build vital building blocks for their life-long journey of education and learning.

Ex-pupils tell us that Kirkby Fleetham Primary School really helped them prepare for secondary, especially when it comes to making friends.

“Because Kirkby Fleetham is small, you have to learn to be really tolerant of others and their differences. This really helped me as I started secondary school and still helps me now.”
(Year 7 pupil)

“Kirkby Fleetham School really helped me get to know myself, and I’ve been able to maintain that individuality as I’ve entered secondary school.”
(Year 7 pupil)

“The best thing about Kirkby Fleetham School is all our shared traditions and routines. It is impossible to say what was best about Primary, it was just everything in one big package.”
(Year 7 pupil)

Past pupils have loved coming back and sharing their experiences, and have helped us develop bespoke transition activities for our current pupils.

The Class of 2018 spent a morning with us, discussing their experiences of transition to secondary